Transvergence of the Three Daughters of Abraham

There has been violence between these three religions throughout their history. Each believes that they are a chosen people, and that they alone have the way of salvation. They each look toward a time of peace, but violence has been increasing. Today’s weapons are capable of much harm. Those who want to do harm can find many ways to do so today that weren’t possible in the past.

The only way these religions can find peace is if they become one. That hasn’t worked yet. Can it happen? Is it compatible with the holy Scriptures that each have?

Not only can they become one, but the Scriptures prophesy of it. They can’t converge into any one religion as it is today. Each will have to transform into something new, each into the same thing. This will be possible through and caused by understanding. I will call this transformation and convergence a transvergence of the three daughters of Abraham. They can each become New Jerusalem, which is what they look for.

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Objective thoughts

  1. Each religion claims to be the chosen people, causing power struggles between them. If they become one, this conflict would go away.

  2. When a religion becomes a majority in a country, the laws of the land tend to be influenced by the religion.

  3. Islam is growing in the United States. As Muslims become elected and try to change laws through legislation, there would be chaos in the political system.

Here a little, there a little

For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little (Isa. 28:10)

We can’t understand a message, especially prophecy, unless we understand the precepts. They come a little here, and a little there. We need to put them together correctly to see the prophecy.

I am going to propose the end understanding of the transvergence of the three daughters of Abraham. I hope it makes enough sense that you would want to discuss how it can be so, according to Scriptures; here a little, there a little.

You can read my understanding of the prophecy in a preview of my unfinished book. For the prophecy, skip to Chapter 1.

Transvergence of The Three Daughters of Abraham Intro and Chapter 1.pdf