Transvergence of our Republic

We are promoting a grassroots movement to bring change.
We need candidates across the United States who want to legislate and govern independent of polarized platforms of the main parties, and not influenced by the corrupt influence of big money.

This site’s purpose is to:

  1. Find candidates across the country to run for office as part of this movement. If interested, email and put “candidate” as the subject.

  2. Find those who would like to sign nomination papers for those who want to be candidates, enabling them to get on the ballot. Having a list of names that have an interest in signing nomination papers would make it easier to find a candidate for that territory. Email and put “nomination papers” as the subject.

  3. Find voters for those candidates. We will keep a database of those we support as candidates. You can see if there is a candidate for your area. You can then contact them to discuss issues or offer support. and Transvergence aims to take the issues directly to the voters by passing an anti-corruption act through ballot initiatives. They also work to get resolutions passed in local governments declaring support of the idea of that legislation.

Transvergence seeks candidates to promote policies and legislation that is best for “the people”. The efforts of give independent candidates that we look for a better chance.

Surely, some politicians of the main parties would support anti-corruption legislation; especially if pressured by their constituents. is non-partisan in that they will work with any party to end corruption, including independents. Their movement might be more attractive to independents.

Transvergence is independent with much the same goals, desiring to transform and depolarize the parties. It seems that begins their influence from the outside of the system, with a goal of transforming the system within.

I believe and Transvergence can benefit each other. They want to end corruption. That will help us have a better chance. If elected, we can work on their voting reform and anti-corruption from the inside. We also will have other issues that are important to us. Those issues would be what we consider to be best for the people.

Our Youtube channel includes a playlist of choice videos. Youtube channel has all of their videos. website provides information and ways to get involved in their efforts.