There has been violence between these three religions throughout their history. Each believes that they are a chosen people, and that they alone have the way of salvation. They each look toward a time of peace, but violence has been increasing. Today’s weapons are capable of much harm. Those who want to do harm can find many ways to do so today that weren’t possible in the past.

The only way these religions can find peace is if they become one. That hasn’t worked yet. Can it happen? Is it compatible with the holy Scriptures that each have?

This site’s purpose is to show that it not only can happen, but that the Scriptures prophesy of it. They can’t converge into any one religion as it is today. Each will have to transform into something new, each into the same thing. This will be possible through and caused by understanding. I will call this transformation and convergence a “transvergence” of the three daughters of Abraham. They can each become New Jerusalem, which is what they each look for.

The world will be a better place without the conflicts between religion. Come and see things you haven’t been shown. Let there be peace in our day, and in the days of our children.

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Transvergence of our republic will be through an independent party, since the two main parties are so polarized in their agendas. A successful independent party could depolarize the main parties, or else they would loose their voters. The result would be a republic of the people, by the people, and for the people.

There are two big obstacles for an independent party:  our voting system, and corruption supporting the two main parties. Answers to these problems are in the following videos.

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Let there be peace (in religion and politics) in our day, through transformation and convergence (transvergence).

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